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The Downs Church of England Primary School

Pupil Premium

Our school receives some additional funding which is dependant of a variety of factors for individual children. This funding is carefully planned for and is used to enhance the learning and experiences of children within our school.

Within our school, we use this money in a variety of ways depending on the individual needs of each child. For example: recovery tuition, childcare costs whilst the parent(s) attend adult learning classes, after school sports or club fees, counselling and/or self-esteem sessions, new uniform/shoes/trainers etc, equipment to undertake school activities, the cost of trips and out of school activities. In addition to this, we also have used the fund to employ additional staff to support learning in class. Another significant expenditure part funded by Pupil Premium is the Safeguarding Officer.

The progress of all children is monitored by the Senior Leadership Team, year group staff and governors during pupil progress meetings. At these meetings, with the year group teaching team, the progress of every child is recorded and discussed. Further intervention strategies are considered and the effectiveness of the use of Pupil Premium money is evaluated.

We are all accountable for the progress of every child and our Governors are well aware of their responsibilities. Ofsted inspections now take into account how Pupil Premium money is spent and the impact of that expenditure on the academic outcomes of each eligible child. 

See the documents below for a more detailed account of how the money has been spent and the impact it has had on our children.

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