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The Downs Church of England Primary School


From September 2022, The Downs CEP School will be using the scheme Charanga to teach music. We understand the importance of all staff being proficient in the teaching of music and therefore music will be led by both teaching staff and support staff. This will ensure that all members of staff understand the scheme and how to deliver this to all children from reception to year 6.

Musical knowledge and the confidence to apply that learning is gradually built up over a pupil’s primary school career at The Downs. 

Music is taught using a building up method of constantly revisiting key areas from YrR to Yr6 (the interrelated dimensions of music) to enforce knowledge, understanding and implementation (referred to as desired practice from OFSTED’s Research Review in Music).


Class assessments are carried out in every lesson in a book for each class and children are given feedback at the end of the lesson on who had done well and why (stickers and praise cards are given in feedback at the end of each lesson). Where appropriate class teachers are emailed to give any feedback required which could result in the class teacher talking about musical knowledge to the class.

YrR curriculum is built around less technical terms and more practical involvement in rhythm, movement and singing which will form the bedrock of KS1 and KS2 music. Yrs 1 to 3 focus on a different element of music per term eg tempo or timbre etc. As the school year progresses, there is constant referring back to the elements already taught. Yrs 4 to 6 have a more mixed curriculum of some terms focusing on a particular element and other bigger projects where a knowledge of all elements previously taught will be used in practical form for eg the No Place Like.. project or the pupil lead learning when Yr6 decided to stage a music workshop afternoon for Year 1 pupils.


The main focus of the music curriculum at all ages is for it to be enjoyable for all and to inspire confidence in music making and appreciation at all levels. With TA support we are able to make Music inclusive for SEND children and also provide opportunities and a pathway for more able pupils to take their learning further.


Curriculum 2022-2023