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The Downs Church of England Primary School



At The Downs CofE Primary School, History follows the 2014 National Curriculum, where pupils have the opportunity to make links and connections between their learning, drawing on their previous learning, what they want to know and what their end point of learning will be. 

Both KS1 and KS2, children explore continuity and change through different topics, challenging our understanding of what we know already.  Each year group in Key Stage 2 also has the opportunity to learn about an ancient civilisation.

By studying individuals, societies, cultures and countries, History enables our pupils to gain awareness of what happened in the past and reasons for these events.  Children are given the opportunity to apply skills and processes to find, organise, select, analyse and interpret evidence in order to answer an enquiry-based question.  These key historical skills are embedded throughout the curriculum to ensure a rapid development of knowledge, vocabulary and depth of learning.

Planning ensures that we link subjects where appropriate across a topic, weaving these into our whole school curriculum so that there is progression through the school.  Pupils regularly make connections in their learning and build on existing knowledge to extend and widen their skills, concepts, attitudes and understanding.  As their knowledge of our world grows so will their ability to challenge, question and reflect on their own viewpoints, equipping them with the tools needed to think critically and compare evidence through balanced arguments




History Skills and Knowledge