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The Downs Church of England Primary School


The Downs CEP School Curriculum

Our role as a school is to give all our pupils the best possible education, to raise standards and improve learning for all our pupils regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, faith or disability.

Our Core Values:

Our teaching and learning is underpinned by our Learning and Christian Values. These are listed in the table below:

We want to develop learners who are:

At our Church of England school we want to develop learners who are:












Our curriculum, teaching and learning policy outlines what we teach and how we teach in all areas of the curriculum, including the scheme we follow for phonics.


Curriculum long term plan

The Downs CEP School follows the National Curriculum in Years 1-6 and the Early Years Curriculum for reception. We have a theme based approach to teaching. This means that we can provide many opportunities for cross curricular links increasing children’s breadth and depth of learning. There will be some subjects that may be taught independent of the current theme such as RE and PSHE. However, we try to encompass as much as we can within the main theme. The curriculum has been designed by staff and children to ensure that we have a good progression of skills from year R to Year 6. For example, children will have the opportunity to be geographers and use maths skills, be historians and use artistic skills. The Downs CEP School uses a model that takes into account misconceptions and prior learning, this is essential to ensuring that children are able to retrieve their knowledge and apply their skills throughout their school journey.

Our curriculum is organised into three themes:  
Wonderful world
Horrible histories
Blank canvas

All children access the theme at the same time. This allows for a school wide sharing of learning and means pupils in different year groups can discuss their work and learning. There are also opportunities for cross year group mini projects (or rotations) within the theme.

A long term plan for learning across these three themes supports teachers in their planning and ensures that national curriculum requirements are met. The curriculum leads have planned the skill progression for their subject and support staff in the implementation of this. Each curriculum lead has also outlined key vocabulary and the intent, implementation and impact for each subject area. These useful documents can be found on the subject pages.  



Please find below an outline of the National Curriculum objectives per year group as per the 2022-2023 long term plan. (History, Geography, Art, DT)



Please click on individual subject pages to find more information about our curriculum.